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Kalymnos is located on the northern side of Dodecanese and close to the Turkish coasts.
This island distinguishes for the wild rocky mountains, which is why it has developed as a rock climbing destination over the last years.

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From ancient and religious sights to traditional and modern activities, here are the best Kalymnos island attractions for locals and tourists alike.


The Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos is housed in a beautiful mansion constructed in the 19h century. It exhibits a prehistoric collection with ceramics, tools and statues, sculpture from the historical times and traditional furniture of the 19th century.

monastery of agioi pantes

The Monastery of Agioi Pantes is located on a hill 2 km south of Pothia, close to the church of Agios Savvas. They give great view to the town. The church is white in colour and has red tiled round domes and is located on top of the hill above Pothia Town


Some of the factories which most located at Pothia are open to visit, to get informed on the history of sponge-fishing, the methods used to dive, the process of elaborating sponges and to see from close enough workers elaborate sponges today.


The Traditional House of Kalymnos is a privately held folk museum, founded by Mrs. Scylla – Chalkidiou. The aim of the museum is to preserve and promote the Kalymnian lifestyle of the past century. It is located on the southern outskirts of Agioi Pantes Monastery, in the area Vothynoi, and includes objects of folk culture and old household furniture


The Maritime Museum of Kalymnos was founded in 1994. It presents the naval tradition, history and methods of the sponge catching, along with many artifacts from ancient shipwrecks. In its four rooms you will see objects related to the profession of sponge catching and sponge processing.


This fine church in Pothia has wonderful frescoes and icons inside.  The Marble Temple is the work of the Father of Giannoulis Halepas, a widely known Greek Sculptor from Tinos, the Iconography work was by Anthony Karafyllakis.

rock climbing

The amazing mountainous and steep landscape of Kalymnos provides a great opportunity to experience rock climbing. In fact, there is a climbing school on the island and an International Climbing Festival is regularly held, gaining popularity over time.


This Nautical-Sea World Museum is housed in a building next to the Town Hall. It consists of four rooms and it exhibits items related to sponge fishing, photographs, ship models and folk pieces about traditional life on Kalymnos.


This ionic-style temple is entirely constructed of marble. Its columns are preserved, but they are nowdays part of the church of Panagia Haritomeni at Chora. The Temple of Delian Apollo, just like the Sanctuary of Delian Apollo which is next to it, were destroyed during 391-435 AD. In their place were erected at first the church of Christ of Jerusalem.


The Castle of Chora or Great Castle or Paleochora is one of the most famous attractions in Kalymnos. It is situated in the place where ancient Pothia once resided and it is considered as the medieval capital of Kalymnos. The castle takes its final form in 1495 and it is inhabited continuously until 1812 .


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